The Energy Market

Diverse portfolio of resources that is second-to-none

Working with our clients to create customized energy solutions in order to meet their specific daily and seasonal energy needs, our team makes certain to meet the clients’ necessities. We function a large real time trading desk, open 5 days a week, the whole year and we trade energy for terms ranging from hours, days, weeks, months and longer, from our trade floor in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Our trade activities are supported through state-of-the-art IT systems that allow us to fast respond to changing market situations. And our rigorous credit and risk management rules, blended with our robust contracts, alternate coverage, compliance and operations groups decorate our reliability as a business accomplice.

With many years within the energy buying and selling and marketing commercial enterprise, we’ve outlasted many of our competition. We had been there from the start, collaborating in electricity enterprise companies and associations to assist construct a vibrant, competitive energy marketplace for the advantage of all marketplace contributors.

Our portfolio of resources is second-to-none, and includes
• Purchases of energy from a wide variety of energy providers across North America
• Access to BC Hydro’s world-class, integrated 17 000 megawatt electric system -- approximately 12 000 megawatts hydro based
• The highly reliable Canadian Entitlement power from the Columbia River Treaty – totaling approximately 1 200 megawatts of capacity
• Purchases of energy from BC independent power producers (IPPs)
• Substantial transmission positions that enable us to access and move power across markets

Client Benefits

Extended Reach

AMBIENT GREENLAND LTD number one markets increase across the western U.S. and western Canada. That said, we market and trade energy, natural fuel, environmental products, and ancillary services all over Canada, the U.S. and into Baja California in Mexico.

Tailored Solutions

As a purchaser and vendor of bodily wholesale energy services and products, our trade partners include over 450 manufacturers, purchasers and traders of massive volumes of electricity which includes purchaser and investor owned utilities, municipalities, energy pools, independent power producers, big industrials, marketers, brokers and financial institutions.


Our trade partners have come to realize us as a client-targeted, fairly flexible and reliable provider of energy products and services.


AMBIENT GREENLAND LTD is responsible for advertising the extremely reliable Canadian Entitlement power on behalf of the B.C. authorities. The Canadian Entitlement is Canada's one-half of proportion of the extra power produced at the Columbia River in the western U.S.A. because of the Canada/U.S. Columbia River Treaty.