Natural Gas Marketing

AMBIENT GREENLAND LTD is a full-carrier wholesale natural gas supply, marketing and trading commercial enterprise. With many years of gas advertising enjoy, we are focused on presenting advanced price to North American gasoline customers through a dependable and cost-effective product-provider presenting.
We offer reliable, responsive services across the natural fuel supply chain, bringing introduced value and personalized techniques to successfully meet the needs of its customers.

Running inside a completely unique niche in the industry as a personal, independent natural fuel marketer for many years, AMBIENT GREENLAND LTD has a purchaser-centered approach with a seasoned crew of power specialists and an extended-term commitment to the enterprise.
We deliver supply control services, such as reliable gas supply, market and logistical services, asset management and financial services to its customers in an ever-converting market. With deep market place expertise, it is able to manage pipeline flows throughout North America with its substantial network of contracted pipeline and storage assets and reliably supply natural fuel while and where it is needed.

Our product-service supplying includes the underneath: Get in touch with us now to talk about your range of available options

- Natural gas supply at competitive wholesale pricing
- Load management services
- Transportation and storage offerings
- Producer services

Gas vs Oil

Neglect oil: Why natural gas can be poised for even bigger matters in 2017 Canadian natural gas markets are well placed to push growing supplies into a hungry U.S. market for the next couple of years,' says one analyst
CALGARY — In March 2016, natural fuel producers in Canada had another bleak year in what was a string of tough years marked by low charges. Henry Hub natural fuel costs had fallen to 23-year-lows following an unusually slight winter heating season and storage levels remained high. Mercifully for the gasoline field, the rest of the year became a dramatic improvement driven with the aid of a warm summer season and report-placing seasonal natural gas burn for electricity intake, which sent the commodity on a 48 per cent rebound over the stability of the year.
Natural fuel which is used to heat homes during the winter and to generate electricity, is expected by many analysts to poise for some other robust year in 2017 and Canadian businesses could take advantage and benefit from sturdy demand and underwhelming deliver from key U.S. basins.

“For Canadian natural gas producers, the future has brightened considerably from what seemed to be bleak prospects just 12 months ago,”GMP FirstEnergy commodity analyst Martin King stated in a year-research observe and charge outlook for the commodity.
King predicts natural gasoline is in for “a multi-year bullish price run” and said “Canadian natural gas markets are well placed to push growing supplies into a hungry U.S. market for the next couple of years.”
Piper Jaffray & Co. senior analyst Pearce Hammond wrote in a notice published Dec. 22 that the excess of savednatural fuel in the U.S. became “evaporating” and storage levels within the United States were set to dip beneath their five-year average — that's another bullish sign for costs.
“We expect prices to see further gains next year, but a sustained move above US$3.30 per million British thermal units is unlikely given the probability of a rapid supply response from domestic shale drillers,” Scotiabank commodity economist Rory Johnston said in a report.

It is believed that 2017 and 2018 will prove to be one of the most massive challenges regarding the development of the U.S. domestic natural gas supplies since the late 1960s.
King though, believes charges could improve further and is not convinced that American natural gas producers can meet the growing demand for the commodity on their own. “The supply story remains the foundation of our price bullish view on the market for the next two years at a minimum,” he said.